Spanish Fan!!!!

Yes fans for this week Rums!!!! We have not gone mad and although we are in December, in these lands in the southern hemisphere just started the summer so its the better time to resume a project we had out there means abandoned.
We already did some fan a year ago but we parked the project due to the difficult of the matter.
As the heat began to tighten and as well we discovered a new technique, we decided it was the right time to resume the fans project.

The process remains laborious, but use a cardboard pattern help much and when you get the hang of it becomes quite fast. Gluing requires patience and care not stain fabrics. And finally you have to keep folded for 24 hours so at the end result is acceptable.

There are a couple of which have done to refresh our summer. One with the fabric of the backpack we did last Rums and other more colorful one of our Kitenges.

Hope you like it.
I’ll see you have done in the weekly Rums….

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